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Deacons – 36 Cosmic whispers

The sphere of the earth is surrounded by a 360 degree array, which when divided by twelve possess the markers and placement of the Zodiac. While the debate of a 13th sign rages on in this post/rant I want to focus on the lesser known Deacons and how they can be useful not only from a synergetic and elemental point of view but one of self developments and a fostered alliance with the living cosmos.

While the primary solar sign is composed of 30 degrees, like the name suggests the Deacon has ten, they can present sub alignments of other planetary forces as well as sub elements.

Take for example Taurus – Ruled by Venus and harboured in the Earthen Element but with the understanding of the deacons it has three other sub planets as well as sub elements – presenting not only a far more harmonic platform of creation but whispers at the immense intricate cosmic weave and ever blossoming co-creation.

Using Taurus as the example:

Taurus – Venus/Earth

Sub elements/Planets/Deacons

Mercury in Taurus Moon in Taurus Saturn in Taurus

Known that Saturn is of the Earth, a 3rd deacon Taurus would be Earth-Earth, which despite being near the cusp can still project the element in it's more refined aspect.

When I first came across deacons in the work of the Golden Dawn I was at first surprised that elements weren't totally balance in each sign, something that was corrected when I stood back and saw that a primary sign was an aspect of that elemental projection. Which when they were unified the elements were balanced – perhaps a list might explain better then I am :)

Fire Signs - Fire of Fire

mars in aries

sun in aries

venus in aries

saturn in leo

jupiter in leo

mars in leo

mercury in saggittarius

moon in saggitarius

saturn in saggitarius

Water Signs - Water of Water

venus in cancer

mercury in cancer
moon in cancer

mars in scorpio

sun in scorpio

venus in scorpio

saturn in pisces

jupiter in pisces

mars in pisces

Air Signs - Air of Air

moon in libra

saturn in libra

jupiter in libra

venus in aquarius

mercury in aquarius

moon in aquarius

jupiter in gemini

mars in gemini

sun in gemini

Earth Signs - Earth of Earth

jupiter in capricorn

mars in capricorn

sun in capricorn

mercury in taurus

moon in taurus

saturn in taurus

sun in virgo

venus in virgo

mercury in virgo

Each Deacon has an astrological alignment and image.


first deacon:March 21 to March 31
Cassiopeia: A beautiful woman seated on a throne next to a king whose crown is made of stars.Initiative

second deacon:April 1 to April 10
The Sea MonsterLeadership

third deacon:April 11 to April 19
Perseuswith winged feet, helm crowned and a victor's sword, foresight


first deacon:April 20 to April 30
Orion. The heavenly huntsman,girded by a belt of stars with his sword bound therin, one foot aloft to crush his enemies, affability

second deacon:May 1 to May 11
EridanusA long winding river that symbolizes eternal justice, organization

third deacon:May 12 to May 20
Aurigathe shepherd protecting the flock, determination


first deacon:May 22 to May 31
Lepus the Harethe weaker creature can outwit the stronger, conscientiousness

second deacon:June 1 to June 11
SiriusThe great dog's name derives from "victorious prince", serenity

third deacon:June 12 to June 20
Canis Miinorthe small dog stands for the triumph of reason, knowledge


first deacon:June 21 to July 2
The Little Bearsymbolizes the goals and ideals of man, philanthropy

second deacon:July 3 to July 12
Ursa MajorThe big dipper symbolizes assembly and discretion, methodical

third deacon:July 13 to July 22
Argo the heavenly shipdecision and determination,adaptability


first deacon:July 23 to August 2
Hydra, the serpentinfluence which can only be purufied by fire, illumination

second deacon:August 3 to August 13
Crater, the cup or chaliceemotional overflowing, intellect

third deacon:August 14 to August 22
Corvus the Ravendestroyer of the enemy, defender of the fallen, experimantation


first deacon:August 23 to September 2
ComaThe mother who brings succor, alertness

second deacon:September 3 to September 13
Centaurus, the centaurthe dual nature of man, dignity

third deacon:September 14 to September 22
Bootes the gleanerthe gathering of the harvest, discrimination


first deacon:September 23 to October 3
Crucisatonement , potential

second deacon:October 4 to October 13
Lupus the wolfslain and symbolizing repentance, endurance

third deacon:October 14 to October 23
Corona Borealisachievement, persistance


first deacon:October 24 to November 1
The Serpentintegrity, spiritual power

second deacon:November 2 to November 11
Cerebusloyalty, esoteric knowledge

third deacon:November 12 toNovember 22
Herculesrighteousness, destroyer of evil


first deacon:November 23to December 1
Lyra the harphonesty; heavenly music, harmony

second deacon:December 2 to December 11
Arathroughness, the figure of revenge disbursing punishment

third deacon:December 12 to December 21
Draco the dragonintuition, triumph of good over evil


first deacon:December 22 to December 31
Sagitta the arrowprecision, destroying what lies in the path

second deacon:January1 to January 10
Aquila the eaglejustice, going to rest

third deacon:January 11 to January 19
The Dolphinsympathy; spiritual development


first deacon:January 20 to January 31
Austrinus the fishcourage, fertility

second deacon:February 1 to February 9
Pegasusfrankness, bearer of good things

third deacon:February 10 to Febraury 18
The Swaninsight, sacredand beautiful bearer of burdens


first deacon:February 19 to March 1
The Bridlereliance; overcoming restrictions of the physical body

second deacon:March 2 to March 11
Cepheus the Monarchwith one foot resting on the pole star - service and imagination

third deacon:March 12 to March 20
Andromedathe woman freed from her chains, action

While time currently limits me from going into much more depth on the topic (for now...) such elemental alignment and imagery can be useful tools of self development and creation.

Eg. As a first deacon Cancarian I work well with Venus. After taking special care to notice where Venus is in my chart I can now interpret it's effect on my Solar sign a little differently, knowing not only its elemental force on my Solar sign but that it offers up more cross associations and effects – being ruled by the moon I am a sensitive man, easily effected by the tides around me, something which can be alleviated by the ascended Venusian flow as well as made all the more intense depending what these two planetary powers are aspected as.

Ways in which to utilise Deacons:

*Study the relationship between the elements of your Solar sign.
*How they are connected with other elements within your chart.
*Meditate on the imagery provided, path working can offer up far more personal associations.
*Utilise the Deacons as a way to understand the greater and lesser influences of a planet, not only the one which rules your solar aspect but how it is connected the deacon planets.
*Work along the notified synastry of those around you, understanding the sub elements as well as primary houses might not only add far more depth to the image but casts far more vivid the colour in which we use to understand those around us.

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