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Astro Elements and Psychological functions

I'm currently in the garden, the grass having being recently cut offers up the sharp scents of spring, the sun in it's fiery domain has warmed me enough that ill type this blog from the welcoming arms of the lawn, with a fresh cup of tea by my side and the chirping of some birtds echoing on the breeze I cant help but ponder the bigger questions.

One which comes to mind it the ongoing debate: if there is a direct connection between the astrological elements and Jung's four types or psychological functions and if so could a natal chart (or honorary casting) be utilised to highlight the individuals or situations dominant and inferior element correlated with the four Jungian functions.

This seems to be an ongoing point of agitation for many astrologers, especially thought who seek to synthesize the two theories. While it is clear that the two systems of understanding are in fact related they may, for many reasons be open to direct correlations.

Points of contention
If we cast an eye to one of Jungs books: “Psychological Types” (My current copy was published by Princeton University Press and translated by Gerhard Adler, pages 510-511, 531-532 are especially noted for this topic) we can see that Jung clearly related the four classical temperaments and astrological elements with the concept of four psychological types. However he never went into much detail, neglecting to state which element and type related to one another.

From this there has arose a fast amount of differing theories, one of my favourites actually is in which the four classical temperaments of Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine, Phlegmatic are named the four quadrants of the astrological chart, instead of being marked with the elements.
However we can quickly find ourselves with the teachings of Aristotle: On generations and corruption, like wise with pseudo Oscellus: On the nature of the universe and Plato: Tiameus, all associating the four classical temperaments (or humours) with the four elements.

Choleric (Fire)
Sanguine (Air)
Phlegmatic (Water)
Melancholic (Earth)

Aristotle in his wisdom even placed Earth in opposition (in its astrological aspect and not the philosophical or psychological context) to fire and Air in opposition of Water. This would be exactly in line with Jung's placing of Intuition in opposition to Sensing and the placing of Thinking in opposition to Feeling.

The elemental Numbers
There are several methods and techniques offered up by astrologers past and present on how to count the elements found within the chart.
This can be a little confusing but it may help to remember that in a chart the elemental placement of the planets and luminaries (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are each in need of being “counted”.
In counting the elements, one of the more popular methods is:
Give two points for the elements that the Sun and Moon are located in.
Give one point for each for the elements that Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are located in.
An elemental overview:
Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

If we take todays major alignments:
Sun – Aries
Moon – Gemini
Mercury – Taurus
Venus – Taurus
Mars – Leo
Jupiter – Pisces
Saturn – Virgo
Uranus – Pisces
Neptune – Aquarius
Pluto – Capricorn
Fire (Intuitive) - 3 points
Earth (Sensing) - 4 points
Air (Thinking) - 3 points
Water (Feeling) - 2 points
In counting the four elements and comparing them with Jung's functions we discover the following:
As a Sensing Earth Jung Theory would have the inferior function in Fire, however in todays alignments its in Water.
So although the quick counting of the elements is a nifty short cut that sometimes works quite well, it isn't a stead fast rule of interpretation.
There are many reasons as to why a quick correlation between the two systems is a lot more complex and difficult than simply counting up the planetary elements.
Yes its true that there are many times (including my own natal chart: Cancer/Water) where looking at the zodiacial element of the Sun sign can point out the primary psychological type and if not can be highlighted as a secondary type or auxiliary function. Although due to the lack of reliability I tend to avoid using the elemental markers as a primary trend of interpretation.

Some thoughts to ponder:
*Elements are not necessarily confined to their Zodiacal placements. The moon for example regardless of the Sign, when in a conjunction with the Ascendant creates the element of Water in the chart.
*While Jung did relate the four classical temperaments and astrological elements with the four functions, he however never did explain which function went with which element. There is an endless array of reasons as to why he chose to neglect this aspect of the work however it would appear, at least on the surface, that while Jung did think the two concepts were similar in form and understanding he did not consider them to be the same.
*Many (myself numbered among them) have never being convinced that any of various type indicator tests accurately measure Jung's four types, and if so for how long would they remain constant. In this the ever changing ebb and wane of Self such a report risks telling us more about who the person tested we would like to be, rather than who we actually is.
While the counting and analysis of the chart elements may offer up a skillful tool of interpretation if you neglect looking at the chart to identify the more dominant zodiacal elements and how they can manifest themselves you risk neglecting and overlooking many productive and practical points of understanding.

As an astrologer I find it intriguing as to why there is such a need to constantly prove something works and link it with the more orthodox and socially embraced theories of personal placement and understanding. Lets focus on what works and aids rather then which is proven and relies on the crutch of another system or theory. To think in such a way is to forget that all things are theories and that nothing is unshakeable.
Right now for myself and those I read for, what works is the utilisation of type indicator tests to help knit together and guide the complex themes and aspects of a chart for interpretation. After all at a core and basic level astrology is about enabling people to gain a better understanding of who they are, and where they are going so that they can live healthier more fulfilling lives.
In order to honour that ideal it is best never to reject any potential tool of empowerment of bridge of understanding - illumination i never the less illumination.
Special thanks to Dr, Z for the rants and points of discourse that lead to this post :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Deacons – 36 Cosmic whispers

The sphere of the earth is surrounded by a 360 degree array, which when divided by twelve possess the markers and placement of the Zodiac. While the debate of a 13th sign rages on in this post/rant I want to focus on the lesser known Deacons and how they can be useful not only from a synergetic and elemental point of view but one of self developments and a fostered alliance with the living cosmos.

While the primary solar sign is composed of 30 degrees, like the name suggests the Deacon has ten, they can present sub alignments of other planetary forces as well as sub elements.

Take for example Taurus – Ruled by Venus and harboured in the Earthen Element but with the understanding of the deacons it has three other sub planets as well as sub elements – presenting not only a far more harmonic platform of creation but whispers at the immense intricate cosmic weave and ever blossoming co-creation.

Using Taurus as the example:

Taurus – Venus/Earth

Sub elements/Planets/Deacons

Mercury in Taurus Moon in Taurus Saturn in Taurus

Known that Saturn is of the Earth, a 3rd deacon Taurus would be Earth-Earth, which despite being near the cusp can still project the element in it's more refined aspect.

When I first came across deacons in the work of the Golden Dawn I was at first surprised that elements weren't totally balance in each sign, something that was corrected when I stood back and saw that a primary sign was an aspect of that elemental projection. Which when they were unified the elements were balanced – perhaps a list might explain better then I am :)

Fire Signs - Fire of Fire

mars in aries

sun in aries

venus in aries

saturn in leo

jupiter in leo

mars in leo

mercury in saggittarius

moon in saggitarius

saturn in saggitarius

Water Signs - Water of Water

venus in cancer

mercury in cancer
moon in cancer

mars in scorpio

sun in scorpio

venus in scorpio

saturn in pisces

jupiter in pisces

mars in pisces

Air Signs - Air of Air

moon in libra

saturn in libra

jupiter in libra

venus in aquarius

mercury in aquarius

moon in aquarius

jupiter in gemini

mars in gemini

sun in gemini

Earth Signs - Earth of Earth

jupiter in capricorn

mars in capricorn

sun in capricorn

mercury in taurus

moon in taurus

saturn in taurus

sun in virgo

venus in virgo

mercury in virgo

Each Deacon has an astrological alignment and image.


first deacon:March 21 to March 31
Cassiopeia: A beautiful woman seated on a throne next to a king whose crown is made of stars.Initiative

second deacon:April 1 to April 10
The Sea MonsterLeadership

third deacon:April 11 to April 19
Perseuswith winged feet, helm crowned and a victor's sword, foresight


first deacon:April 20 to April 30
Orion. The heavenly huntsman,girded by a belt of stars with his sword bound therin, one foot aloft to crush his enemies, affability

second deacon:May 1 to May 11
EridanusA long winding river that symbolizes eternal justice, organization

third deacon:May 12 to May 20
Aurigathe shepherd protecting the flock, determination


first deacon:May 22 to May 31
Lepus the Harethe weaker creature can outwit the stronger, conscientiousness

second deacon:June 1 to June 11
SiriusThe great dog's name derives from "victorious prince", serenity

third deacon:June 12 to June 20
Canis Miinorthe small dog stands for the triumph of reason, knowledge


first deacon:June 21 to July 2
The Little Bearsymbolizes the goals and ideals of man, philanthropy

second deacon:July 3 to July 12
Ursa MajorThe big dipper symbolizes assembly and discretion, methodical

third deacon:July 13 to July 22
Argo the heavenly shipdecision and determination,adaptability


first deacon:July 23 to August 2
Hydra, the serpentinfluence which can only be purufied by fire, illumination

second deacon:August 3 to August 13
Crater, the cup or chaliceemotional overflowing, intellect

third deacon:August 14 to August 22
Corvus the Ravendestroyer of the enemy, defender of the fallen, experimantation


first deacon:August 23 to September 2
ComaThe mother who brings succor, alertness

second deacon:September 3 to September 13
Centaurus, the centaurthe dual nature of man, dignity

third deacon:September 14 to September 22
Bootes the gleanerthe gathering of the harvest, discrimination


first deacon:September 23 to October 3
Crucisatonement , potential

second deacon:October 4 to October 13
Lupus the wolfslain and symbolizing repentance, endurance

third deacon:October 14 to October 23
Corona Borealisachievement, persistance


first deacon:October 24 to November 1
The Serpentintegrity, spiritual power

second deacon:November 2 to November 11
Cerebusloyalty, esoteric knowledge

third deacon:November 12 toNovember 22
Herculesrighteousness, destroyer of evil


first deacon:November 23to December 1
Lyra the harphonesty; heavenly music, harmony

second deacon:December 2 to December 11
Arathroughness, the figure of revenge disbursing punishment

third deacon:December 12 to December 21
Draco the dragonintuition, triumph of good over evil


first deacon:December 22 to December 31
Sagitta the arrowprecision, destroying what lies in the path

second deacon:January1 to January 10
Aquila the eaglejustice, going to rest

third deacon:January 11 to January 19
The Dolphinsympathy; spiritual development


first deacon:January 20 to January 31
Austrinus the fishcourage, fertility

second deacon:February 1 to February 9
Pegasusfrankness, bearer of good things

third deacon:February 10 to Febraury 18
The Swaninsight, sacredand beautiful bearer of burdens


first deacon:February 19 to March 1
The Bridlereliance; overcoming restrictions of the physical body

second deacon:March 2 to March 11
Cepheus the Monarchwith one foot resting on the pole star - service and imagination

third deacon:March 12 to March 20
Andromedathe woman freed from her chains, action

While time currently limits me from going into much more depth on the topic (for now...) such elemental alignment and imagery can be useful tools of self development and creation.

Eg. As a first deacon Cancarian I work well with Venus. After taking special care to notice where Venus is in my chart I can now interpret it's effect on my Solar sign a little differently, knowing not only its elemental force on my Solar sign but that it offers up more cross associations and effects – being ruled by the moon I am a sensitive man, easily effected by the tides around me, something which can be alleviated by the ascended Venusian flow as well as made all the more intense depending what these two planetary powers are aspected as.

Ways in which to utilise Deacons:

*Study the relationship between the elements of your Solar sign.
*How they are connected with other elements within your chart.
*Meditate on the imagery provided, path working can offer up far more personal associations.
*Utilise the Deacons as a way to understand the greater and lesser influences of a planet, not only the one which rules your solar aspect but how it is connected the deacon planets.
*Work along the notified synastry of those around you, understanding the sub elements as well as primary houses might not only add far more depth to the image but casts far more vivid the colour in which we use to understand those around us.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A kaviana/ prayer stick would be best described as an elemental channel, it touches upon the gifts of the earth in many of its forms to raise be unified as a prayer in repetition that exists as long as the kaviana rests intact.

I have again omitted the ritualistic aspect of its creation, this is to respect the origin of its magic as well as to inspire those that may wish to create one to tap into there own flow of creativity and construct it within the folds of there own light.

It uses like most tools the symbolic energies of nature channelled though our own understanding of it, it is relatively easy to construct and quite adaptable to most causes.

A branch from an appropriate tree.Feathers freely given from a bird of choice.Cords or colour that aid the need.Tokens that symbolically project the desire.

Traditionally the spirts of the household are summoned, the ancestors fed and the Gods thanked, a explanation of the need is then given, plainly and direct - and thus it begins.

Some of the items used are said to be provided by nature itself, and thus one must stir themselves to commune with the forces of the living world, I do this with intentionally going for long walks in search of some aspects of the tools, for the wood and feathers I often with intention light a candle (and leave it in a safe place) and go about my walk in woodland areas - always without fail I have come across a branch that speaks out to me, and on later research is one that offers up the exact associations of what I was looking for - the same goes for the feather.

The cords are chosen with intention and I often use the chakra vibrations as a gardge of which to use.

The tokens are of a different form, they are talismans and tokens you come across that aid the desire and supplicate it to a higher form - for the explanation the ones I used (as we were dealing with a possible psychic intrusion) was that of a small key (to bard the sphere) a tooth (to aid defence) and a I-Ching coin (to aid the intuitive growth and thus limit future chaos within that domain).

Within the confounds of a ritual format the tools are gathered and unified - letting the effort behind it come to fruition, reminding and blessing the prayer stick as you go - first is to cleanse the wood, I often at this stage inscribe the wood with an intention/ appropriate prayer.

Then there's the binding of the feathers, cording of the wood itself and attachment of the tokens.Once complete, consecrated and empowered it is left in a place of sanctuary (I used the grove of some enchanting oak trees on a beautiful hilltop).

Tradition holds that each time the wind kisses the feathers they sing out the prayer, echoing the intention to the four corners of the world.Although not expressed very well or explained to a high degree the resulting picture may be of more aid in understanding its dynamics.

Creating a Maranus

With my primary solar aspect in a water sign as well as that of my moon I often work well with the element – especially in terms of charms and amulets.
This post is a redevelopment of an earlier work shared else where. Like most things here it is simplistic in form but with a bit of patience, focus and a lot of trust it can be a channel and vessel for something far greater.
Although with no direct translation Maranus would be best translated as “Voice of the Sea” it is another simplistic yet surprisingly adaptable talisman that on my own journey has found its power and place many times.In its most rudimentary form it is two shells, filled and sealed together – creating a vessel for the manifestation of the will, focused and bound in a primal physical form allowing the desire to go forth within the corporeal reality and bring about the desired effect.

The pictures inclosed in this post are from one (I made several that time) with the intention of aiding a further warding of the threshold of my home against a disruptive force, it was not malignant in nature merely chaotic – and with some other slight alterations to my lifestyle and ritual habits, I can warmly announce that the situation not only ended within a day, but the causing factor is no longer even in play.

A reminder of the potential power, of not the Talisman (even when in its Amulet form) but the results brought forth by focusing the mind and trusting in the innate ability of the self.

The process as usual in the foundational magic’s (I feel the title of “low” seems to diminish there potential place in the Arts, limiting our use and progression through there use) works on both the innate associations of objects as well as personally personified ones.

I have taken away most of the ritual enchantments and mantras as they are of a personal lineage and I am somewhat uncomfortable sharing them so openly (despite being ever so merry on cookies and tea) but have left the structure enforced enough to allow others to develop on it in a personal way.

The item’s used were:

Pestle and Mortar, to char and mix as well as to focus and empower.
Herbs of Choice, those with protectively imbued qualities.
Crystal chips, Incidentally I choose Amethyst for its ability to transmute lower energies to higher vibrational ones.
Pen (Blue, as it is correspond numeriologicaly to the house)
Virgin Paper
The matching shells,
Paint, red for power and effect.
Candle, blessed and inscribed.
Fire proof container.
After meditating on the process and the opening rite of Announcement and Purpose has being attended to, light the candle, place herbs and crystal chips into the mortar, and gentle churn, announcing again the purpose and process in play.Write or sigil the intention on the paper, fold it thrice and offer it to the flame, allow it to burn safely.
When the paper has burnt add the ashes to the herbs and continue to grind until you are satisfied with the mix and that the intention has being placed strongly enough into them.Allow to stand and mix among its own energies for a while as you take the shell and paint an appropriate symbol on it (I choose that of Ashina – Keeper of the household. Colour Red symbolic of Mars the bringing of force).
Return to the churning of the herbs as you let the paint dry.When this has come to pass you fill the shells with some of the mortars mix and seal it with the wax of the candle, ensuring it is bound on all sides and strong enough to set fully into a solid whole.You then leave it on your alter or place of power to set within itself.I later buried the others near the footsteps of the home, to bring it into a deeper physical alignment with the intention.
It is done. Simple, relaxed and within the reach of the arty-crafty senses of most people :)


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Making a Brough - "Bro-gh"

Before the dawn of a new year, mostly likely drawn in with joyous cheer and far too many glasses of wine I thought it best to capitalise on these moments of sobriety and type up a very over due blog post.

In my own spiritual practice I spend a lot of time and energy focusing on the practical applications and tools of everyday use. While the ceremonial rites and formal gatherings have there place and power it is within the mundane world which I truly feels the source of magic rests.

I really do hope to stay open to the more progressive arts but in my experiences I have always felt more in the awakening dawn and the dance of the silver moonlight, the stirring the still waters on a misty eve as well as the uplifting rush of a simple act made magical with intention and a sprinkle of preparation.
Although I started this blog for astrological musing I think that in all fairness it would be best to widen the scope of the topics within it, as although I do chart my life by the stars they are not the only points of reference I use.
A recent blog comment reminded me of why I choose to name the blog as I did, the title astro-revelations drips of an arrogant sense of superior insight that although has a resonance with my stubborn nature and all to often flawed internalised chatter, it is in itself a passing on of what has either being revealed to me in the kindness of others, the musing of a late morning spent sleeping in or the sheer hard work of magic woven in times of need.

I'm adding this post to my blog out of enjoyment of the tool used as well as the economic savviness in which it costs very little but time and heart felt intentions.

How to make a brough.

A brough is used among many things (though I have noticed not overly common) for the cleansing of energies, election of wards, weaving of spells and the spreading of incense.While the one I use has changed slowly over over the years and is far more crafted then this one, here is how to make a basic no frills brough minus a personal ritual of dedication and blessing.

You will need
*An intention

For the purpose of this post I'm using intention of spreading harmony and positivity.

*Cord of an appropriate colour

I've chosen pink for association.


I originally went for a short walk while playing with the thought of making this post, I happened to come across a swans feather which with the intentions of positivity and blessing I found to be a perfect match in symbolism.


I've chosen a clear quartz, for it's amplification properties.

*Wood for the handle.

I picked up a small sprig of elder wood, which although I stripped and cleaned I omitted inscribing (which personally if your making a brough I find to be a wonderful addition to intention and even basic aesthetic attraction).

How to

Gather, clean and dry feather(s), tie the stem of the feather to the wood, leaving enough string to include crystal, trim stem of feather and bless.

Simple, workable and with the right mind set and intention it can be deeply magikal.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Psychic Indictors within the natal chart

Recently over a good cuppa and a slice of homemade bread (I woo myself sometimes I tell ya!) I was asked about psychic indicators in the natal chart and from a traditional point of view; how they manifest there deeper aspects through the lives of those that possess them.

I'm typing this post to help formulate a better reply then the one I originally hacked out among crumbs of lost bread (really... it was that good!) and using as references:

“Astrology, a cosmic science “ by Hickey, Isabel, CRCS Publications, 1992
“A spiritual approach to astrology” by Loftus, Myrna,CRCS Publications, 1983
“The Astrologers handbook” by Sakoian, Frances & Acker, Louis, Harper & Row, 1973
“Signs of tomorrow' by Rosemary Harrington, self published, 1997
“Alan Okens complete astrology”Oken, Alan, Bantam Books, 1988
“Horoscopes symbols” Robert Hand, Schiffer Publishing, 1981

I must stress though that I, like most others with a passion for astrology see the signs and symbols as potentials and not confirmations of manifestation. The light of the stars only guide us on, they do not command or demand as in truth they only provide the stage, it is us with our willing feet that decide if, or if not, to dance upon it.

To make the references far more manageable within the chart they are usually divided into the following sections:

Spiritual tendencies – providing the widest arena of aspect that suggest an un-chanelled spirituality.
Healing abilities – indicates healing abilities or the ability to guide healing energy.
Mystic aspects – suggestive aspects of higher clairvoyance and visionary ability/
Psychic indicators – provides the platform for psychic development and manifestation.
Intuitive points – points of intuitive sensitivity and awareness.

For the point of the post I'm going to focus on the “psychic” indicators. While reading you should expect many of the now infamous Americanised references and understandings of the positions, they seem far too imbued in the human consciousness to be over come by the rants of this young fool. Thought i must admit I tried my hand at more then a few :)

  • Uranus Sextile Pluto: Opportunity to elevate consciousness through spiritual aspirations; very intuitive with psychic potential.

  • Uranus Trine Pluto: In other lifetimes have worked toward tapping their unconscious minds and elevating their consciousness; very intuitive with psychic potential.

  • Neptune Conjunct Pluto: Very great sensitivity to the inner worlds; uncanny ability to see attainment. Advancement along spiritual lines can be greatly accelerated in company of other like-minded people.

  • Sun in Aquarius: Sign of spiritual rebirth

  • Sun in Sagittarius: Has the ability to see the future by their understanding of current trends of thought, and their insights border on prophecy. Keyword is perception, another word for insight or intuition as it applies here.

  • Neptune in Aquarius: interest in psychic phenomena, spiritual revelation and altered forms of consciousness; assumes an eclectic, adventurous, intuitive and original tone. Connection to subconscious wisdom is fueled by an energy that is inspirational and visionary; hard to overemphasize the creative potential of self-development, spiritual interests, mysticism, and psychic phenomena.

  • Pluto in 12th House: Pluto here in its highest form means the willingness to be a channel to help those who are limited and afflicted.

  • Moon Sextile Uranus: Potential for keen intuition; in advanced types, would give potential for great healing power.

  • Moon Trine Uranus: Keen intuition; in advanced types, would give great healing power.

  • Sun Sextile Uranus: Potential for strong magnetic healing force; potential to be a strongly intuitive person.

  • Sun Trine Uranus: Strong magnetic healing force; strongly intuitive person.

  • Sun Sextile Neptune: Potential to be extremely sensitive to inner currents and to be, by nature, a mystic; in medical field has potential to give healing powers.

  • Sun Trine Neptune: extremely sensitive to inner currents and is by nature a mystic.; in medical field would give healing powers. “When Neptune is harmoniously linked to the luminaries in the chart of a person who can respond to its higher rays, it can bestow gifts of a clairvoyant and clairaudient nature.”

  • Venus Sextile Neptune: Potential for strong sixth sense, which is the intuition.

  • Venus Trine Neptune: Sixth sense strong..Intuition is sixth sense.

  • Neptune Sextile Pluto: There is the opportunity to use your psychic abilities for the benefit of humanity; Can develop clairvoyance & prophetic ability. Have precognitive dreams. Strong psychic healing powers; desire for justice for all people. Abhor violence or anything that might degrade or oppress another person or animal.

  • Neptune Trine Pluto: Ability to use your psychic abilities for the benefit of humanity; Can develop clairvoyance & prophetic ability. Have precognitive dreams. Strong psychic healing powers; desire for justice for all people. Abhor violence or anything that might degrade or oppress another person or animal.

  • Moon Conjunct Neptune: Mystical, intuitive type; very psychic nature. “When Neptune is harmoniously linked to the luminaries in the chart of a person who can respond to its higher rays, it can bestow gifts of a clairvoyant and clairaudient nature.” Pg 558, Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology

  • Sun Conjunct Neptune: Psychically sensitive; mystically inclined; not an easy person to understand for they do not understand themselves. Alan Oken: “When Neptune is harmoniously linked to the luminaries in the chart of a person who can respond to its higher rays, it can bestow gifts of a clairvoyant and clairaudient nature.” Pg 558, Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology

  • Sun Sextile Neptune: Potential to be extremely sensitive to inner currents and to be, by nature, a mystic; in medical field has potential to give healing powers.

  • Sun Trine Neptune: extremely sensitive to inner currents and is by nature a mystic. In medical field would give healing powers. “When Neptune is harmoniously linked to the luminaries in the chart of a person who can respond to its higher rays, it can bestow gifts of a clairvoyant and clairaudient nature.”

  • Mercury Sextile Neptune: Potential for aptitude for psychic and mystical fields; Potential to benefit from dreams and visions; Potential for ability to contact higher planes of consciousness in sleep and in meditation and bring instruction through to the conscious mind.

  • Mercury Trine Neptune: Aptitude for psychic and mystical fields; can benefit from dreams and visions; has ability to contact higher planes of consciousness in sleep and in meditation and bring instruction through to the conscious mind.

  • Venus Conjunct Neptune: Psychically sensitive; mystical and spiritual tendencies in chart of an advanced soul.

  • Jupiter Conjunct Neptune: May have a strong mystical streak and will always be closely connected with spirituality and religion.

  • Neptune Sextile Pluto: There is the opportunity to use your psychic abilities for the benefit of humanity; Can develop clairvoyance & prophetic ability. Have precognitive dreams. Strong psychic healing powers; desire for justice for all people. Abhor violence or anything that might degrade or oppress another person or animal.

  • Moon in Pisces: Needs other characteristics in chart to be reliable.
    Visionary, mystical if unafflicted.

  • Moon in 9th House: Dreams and visions can be of great significance if not heavily afflicted; receptivity toward the superconscious realms.

  • Sun in Sagittarius: has the ability to see the future by their understanding of current trends of thought, and their insights border on prophecy. Keyword is perception, another word for intuition.

  • Mercury in Pisces: psychic and visionary type of mind; highly intuitive and telepathic on the unconscious level.

  • Neptune in 1st House: : Psychic sensitivity very strong; visionary, artistic, hypersensitive; psychic sensitivity could bring confusion until person seeks spiritual evolvement.,
    Neptune in the 9th House: Makes a person mystical, and if well aspected, can have spiritual visions; makes the intangible extremely nebulous when it is already nebulous enough; Intuitive

  • Moon Conjunct Neptune: Mystical, intuitive type; very psychic nature. “When Neptune is harmoniously linked to the luminaries in the chart of a person who can respond to its higher rays, it can bestow gifts of a clairvoyant and clairaudient nature.” Pg 558, Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology

  • Moon Sextile Neptune: Potential to develop keen psychic sensitivity.

  • Moon Trine Neptune: Keen psychic sensitivity; so psychic they are susceptible to emotional atmosphere around them and they react strongly.

  • Sun Conjunct Neptune: Psychically sensitive; mystically inclined; not an easy person to understand for they do not understand themselves. Alan Oken: “When Neptune is harmoniously linked to the luminaries in the chart of a person who can respond to its higher rays, it can bestow gifts of a clairvoyant and clairaudient nature.” Pg 558, Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology

  • Mercury Conjunct Neptune: Highly intuitive and receives psychic impressions from others which they find confusing until they learn to discern exactly what the vibration represents. i.e. sorrow, fear.

  • Mercury Sextile Neptune: Potential for aptitude for psychic and mystical fields; Potential to benefit from dreams and visions; Potential for ability to contact higher planes of consciousness in sleep and in meditation and bring instruction through to the conscious mind.

  • Mercury Trine Neptune: Aptitude for psychic and mystical fields; can benefit from dreams and visions; has ability to contact higher planes of consciousness in sleep and in meditation and bring instruction through to the conscious mind.

  • Venus Conjunct Neptune: Psychically sensitive; mystical and spiritual tendencies in chart of an advanced soul.

  • Mars Sextile Neptune: An opportunity and the potential to work with psychic forces and be in no danger from any adverse influences. Earned increment in the spiritual “bankbook” from other lives.

  • Mars Trine Neptune: Can work with psychic forces and be in no danger from any adverse influences. Earned increment in the spiritual bankbook from other lives.

  • Jupiter Sextile Neptune: The potential to be and use intuitive and psychic abilities, and to learn to follow inner leading; Potential to be mystical; drawn to religious and philosophical groups.

  • Jupiter Trine Neptune: Intuitive and psychic and should follow inner leading; Can be mystical and drawn to religious and philosophical groups.

  • Neptune Sextile Pluto: There is the opportunity to use your psychic abilities for the benefit of humanity; Can develop clairvoyance & prophetic ability. Have precognitive dreams. Strong psychic healing powers; desire for justice for all people. Abhor violence or anything that might degrade or oppress another person or animal.

  • Ascendant Conjunct Neptune: Psychic and intuitive

  • Ascendant Sextile Neptune: Psychic and intuitive

  • Ascendant Trine Neptune: Psychic and intuitive

  • Moon in Cancer: Strong psychic ability. Cancer is a psychic sign if this aspect is used in balance with the 8th sign.

  • Venus in Pisces: Extremely psychic

  • Uranus in Pisces: Psychic, intuitive, extremely sensitive.. When well aspected to Neptune, will be indicative of advanced soul who has come to serve the planet in some philosophical or religious way. Brings into incarnation the spiritually intuitive who are able to grasp first hand knowledge of spiritual truths; can make person spiritual psychic.

So while you might now harbour the desire to tear your way through your natal chart (I've being there many a time) or that of a loved one, remind yourself that although there are signs of suggestion and those that resist none are beyond the effect of the will and if you are open to such things there is little but time and practice to make even the most insensitive of those among us, blossom.


Friday, November 6, 2009

28 mansions of the moon

28 mansions of the moon

"And in these twenty eight Mansions do lie hid many secrets of the wisdom of the antients, by the which they wrought wonders on all things which are under the circle of the Moon; and they attributed to every Mansion his resemblances, images, and seals, and his president intelligences, and worked by the virtue of them after different manners." ("The Magus" by Francis Barrett)

In modern astrology we all too often ignore the moon beyond it’s natal chart position, but to the ancients the moon in its 28 motions was a tool of magic, a keeper of wisdom and a guide through out life. The same can be said with those that practice the old arts in modern days, the quarters of the moon (each 7 days long – full, waning, dark, waxing) usually get reference and observance, but what about the days in which they present themselves, each mansion being a separate marker and whisper of magick, mystery and miracle.

These mansions can also be seen (controversially may I add) as subdivisions of the zodiac, equal in size and duration, which start at 0º Aries and last 12º51´26´´ each.

The monthly transit of the Moon through each of these mansions generates a different influence :

The Moon in the 1st mansion - it causes discords, and journies; (0 Aries to 12 Aries 51)
The Moon in the 2nd mansion - it conduces to the finding of treasures, and to the retaining [of] captives; (12 Aries 51 to 25 Aries 42)
The Moon in the 3rd mansion - it is profitable to sailors, huntsmen, and alchymists; (25 Aries 42 to 8 Taurus 34)
The Moon in the 4th mansion - it causes the destruction and hindrances of buildings, fountains, wells, gold mines, the flight of creeping things, and begets discord. (8 Taurus 34 to 21 Taurus 25)
The Moon in the 5th mansion - it confirms edifices, it gives health and good-will; (21 Taurus 25 to 4 Gemini 17)
The Moon in the 6th mansion - it conduces to hunting, and besieging of towns, and revenge of princes, it destroys harvests and fruits and hinders the operation of the physician; (4 Gemini 17 to 17 Gemini 8)
The Moon in the 7th mansion - it confers gain and friendship, its profitable to lovers, it scares flies, destroys magistracies; (17 Gemini 8 to 0 Cancer)
The Moon in the 8th mansion - it causes love, friendship, and society of fellow travellers, it drives away mice ands afflicts captives, confirming their imprisonment; (0 Cancer to 12 Cancer 51)
The Moon in the 9th mansion - it hinders harvests and travelers, and puts discord between men; (12 Cancer 51 to 25 Cancer 42)
The Moon in the 10th mansion - it strengthens buildings, yields love, benevolence and help against enemies; (25 Cancer 42 to 8 Leo 34)
The Moon in the 11th mansion - it is good for voyages, and gain by merchandise, and for redemption of captives; (8 Leo 34 to 21 Leo 25)
The Moon in the 12th mansion - it gives prosperity to harvests, and plantations, but hinders seamen, and is good for the bettering of servants, captives and companions; (21 Leo 25 to 4 Virgo 17)
The Moon in the 13th mansion - it is prevalent for benevolence, gain, voyages, harvests, and freedom of captives; (17 to 17 Virgo 8)
The Moon in the 14th mansion - it causes the love of married folks, it cures the sick, is profitable to sailors, but hinders journies by land; and in these the second quarter of Heaven is completed; (17 Virgo 8 to 0 Libra)
The Moon in the 15th mansion - its profitable for the extracting of treasures, for digging of pits, it assists divorce, discord, and the destruction of houses and enemies, and hinders travelers; (0 Libra to 12 Libra 5)
The Moon in the 16th mansion - it hinders journies and wedlock, harvests and merchandise, it prevails for redemption of captives; (12 Libra 51 to 25 Libra 42)
The Moon in the 17th mansion - it betters a bad fortune, makes love durable, strengthens buildings, and helps seamen; (25 Libra 42 to 8 Scorpio 34)
The Moon in the 18th mansion - it causes discord, sedition, conspiracy against princes and mighty ones, and revenge from enemies, but it frees captives and helps edifices; (8 Scorpio 34 to 21 Scorpio 25)
The Moon in the 19th mansion - it helps in the besieging of cities and taking of towns, and in the driving of men from their places, and for the destruction of seamen, and perdition of captives; (21 Scorpio 25 to 4 Sagittarius 17)
The Moon in the 20th mansion - it helps for the taming of wild beasts, for the strengthening of prisons, it destroys the wealth of societies, it compels a man to come to a certain place; (4 Sagittarius 17 to 17 Sagittarius 8)
The Moon in the 21st mansion - it is good for harvests, gain, buildings and travellers, and causes divorce; and in this is the third quarter of Heaven is completed; (17 Sagittarius 8 to 0 Capricorn)
The Moon in the 22nd mansion - it promotes the flight of servants and captives, that they may escape, and helps the curing of diseases; (0 Capricorn to 12 Capricorn 51)
The Moon in the 23rd mansion - it is for divorce, liberty of captives and the health of the sick; (12 Capricorn 51 to 25 Capricorn 42)
The Moon in the 24th mansion - it is prevalent for the benevolence of married people, for the victory of soldiers, it hurts the execution of government, and prevents it being exercised; (25 Capricorn 42 to 8 Aquarius 34)
The Moon in the 25th mansion - it favors besieging and revenge, it destroys enemies, causes divorce, confirms prisons and buildings, hastens messengers, it conduces to spells against copulation, and so binds every member of man, that it cannot perform its duty; (8 Aquarius 34 to 21 Aquarius 25)
The Moon in the 26th mansion - it causes union, health of captives, destroys buildings and prisons; (21 Aquarius 25 to 4 Pisces 17)
The Moon in the 27th mansion - it increases harvests, revenues, gain, and heals infirmities, but hinders buildings, prolongs prisons, causes danger to seamen, and helps to infer mischiefs on whom you shall please; (4 Pisces 17 to 17 Pisces 8)
The Moon in the 28th mansion - it increases harvests and merchandise, it secures travellers through dangerous places; it makes for the joy of married couples, but it strengths prisons, and causes loss of treasures; (17 Pisces 8 to 0 Aries)

Angels of the moon

Each mansion is said to have a ruling power, intelligence and resonance – a presence that is usually granted the title of Angel.

The 28 angels of the moon are: Geniel, Enediel, Anixiel, Azariel, Gabriel, Dirachiel, Scheliel, Amnediel, Barbiel, Ardefiel, Neciel, Abdizuel, Jazeriel, Ergediel, Atliel, Azeruel, Adriel, Egibiel, Amutiel, Kyriel, Bethnael, Geliel, Requiel, Abrinael, Agiel, Tagriel, Atheniel, Amnixiel.

Symbols of the 28 mansions

Along with there traditional meaning/effect/association and angels the mansions have symbols of alliance and seals utilised in the ways of interpretation as well as magick.

In the first, for the destruction of some one, they made, in an iron ring, the image of a black man, in a garment of hair, and girdled round, casting a small lance with his right hand: they sealed this in black wax, and perfumed it with liquid storax, and wished some evil to come.

In the second, against the wrath of the prince, and for reconciliation with him, they sealed, in white wax and mastich, the image of a king crowned, and perfumed it with lignum aloes.

In the third, they made an image in a silver ring, whose table was square; the figure of which was a woman, well clothed, sitting in a chair, her right hand being lifted up on her head; they sealed it, and perfumed it with musk, camphire, and calamus aromaticus. They affirmed that this gives happy fortune, and every good thing.

In the fourth, for revenge, separation, enmity, and ill-will, they sealed, in red wax, the image of a soldier sitting on a horse, holding a serpent in his right hand: they perfumed it with red myrrh and storax.

In the fifth, for the favour of kings and officers, and good entertainment, they sealed, in silver, the head of a man, and perfumed it with red sanders.

In the sixth, to procure love between two, they sealed, in white wax, two images, embracing one another, and perfumed them with lignum aloes and amber.

In the seventh, to obtain every good thing, they scaled, in silver, the image of a man, well clothed, holding up his hands to Heaven, as it were, praying and supplicating, and perfumed it with good odours.

In the eighth, for victory in war, they made a seal in tin, being an image of an eagle, having the face of a man, and perfumed it with brimstone.

In the ninth, to cause infirmities, they made a seal of lead, being the image of a man wanting his privy parts, covering his eyes with his hands; and they perfumed it with rosin of the pine.

In the tenth, to facilitate child bearing, and to cure the sick, they made a seal of gold, being the head of a lion, and perfumed it with amber.

In the eleventh, for fear, reverence, and worship, they made a seal of a plate of gold, being the image of a man riding on a lion, holding the ear thereof in his left hand, and in his right holding forth a bracelet of gold; and they perfumed it with good odours and saffron.

In the twelfth, for the separation of lovers, they made a seal of black lead, being the image of a dragon fighting with a man; and they perfumed it with the hairs of a lion, and assafœtida.

In the thirteenth, for the agreement of married people, and for dissolving of all the charms against copulation, they made a seal of the images of both (of the man in red wax, and the woman in white), and caused them to embrace one another; perfuming it with lignum aloes and amber.

In the fourteenth, for divorce and separation of the man from the woman, they made a seal of red copper, being the image of a dog. biting his tail; and they perfumed it with the hair of a black dog and a black cat.

In the fifteenth, to obtain friendship and good will, they made the image of a man sitting, and inditing letters, and perfumed it with frankincense and nutmegs.

In the sixteenth, for gaining much merchandising, they made a seal of silver, being the image of a man, sitting on a chair, holding a balance in his hand; and they perfumed it with well smelling spices.

In the seventeenth, against thieves and robbers, they sealed with an iron seal the image of an ape, and perfumed it with the air of an ape.

In the eighteenth, against fevers and pains of the belly, they made a seal of copper, being the image of a snake with his tail above his head; and they perfumed it with hartshorn; and said this same seal put to flight serpents, and all venomous creatures, from the place where it is buried.

In the nineteenth, for facilitating birth, and provoking the menstrues, they made a seal of copper, being the image of a woman holding her hands upon her face; and they perfumed it with liquid storax.

In the twentieth, for hunting, they made a seal of tin, being the image of Sagittary, half a man and half a horse; and they perfumed it with the head of a wolf.

In the twenty-first, for the destruction of some body, they made the image of a man, with a double countenance before and behind; and they perfumed it with brimstone and jet, and put it in a box of brass, and with it brimstone and jet, and the hair of him whom they would hurt.

In the twenty-second, for the security of runaways, they made a seal of iron, being the image of a man, with wings on his feet, bearing a helmet on his head; and they perfumed it with argent vive.

In the twenty-third, for destruction and wasting, they made a seal of iron, being the image of a cat, having a dog's head; and they perfumed it with dog's hair taken from the head, and buried it in the place where they intended the hurt.

In the twenty-fourth, for multiplying herds of cattle, they took the horn of a ram, bull, or goat, or of that sort of cattle they would increase, and sealed in it, burning, with an iron seal, the image of a woman giving suck to her son; and they hanged it on the neck of that cattle who was the leader of the flock, or they sealed it in his horn.

In the twenty-fifth, for the preservation of trees and harvest, they sealed, in the wood of a fig tree, the image of a man planting and they perfumed it with the flowers of the fig tree, and hung it on the tree.

In the twenty-sixth, for love and favour, they sealed, in white wax and mastich, the figure of a woman washing and combing her hair; and they perfumed it with good odours.

In the twenty-seventh, to destroy fountains, pits, medicinal waters, and baths, they made, of red earth, the image of a man winged, holding in his hand an empty vessel, and perforated; and the image being burnt, they put in the vessel assafœtida and liquid storax, and they buried it in the pond or fountain which they would destroy.

In the twenty-eighth, for getting fish together, they made a seal of copper, being the image of a fish; and they perfumed it with the skin of a sea fish, and cast it into the water where they would have the fish gathered.

Working with the 28 mansions of the moon

List of ways to work with the mansions are:

Over the years out of interest I’ve worked with the mansions – usually with great success! Here are some of the ways I’ve weaved there presence into my life – you might want to try some, or find ways of your own to stir their well worth presence:

Meditate on the angels name.
Discover the current ruling mansion.
Discover the ruling mansion of your birth.
Celebrate your ruling mansion each time it rises.
Contemplate how a negitve association or power can be channelled for the benifit of all.
Discover the ruling mansion of your zodiac aspect.
Create the seal of your mansion.
here's hoping you enjoy :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Working with Astological sigils

This weekend I spent the Samhain feast amongst the warmth of some new friends and the glow of some unusually kind heart's. The scene was set the feast was had enjoyed and I had myself one or two unusual experiences within the inner planes – which although wonderful and much prized later got me thinking.

The inward eye may always see but what exactly does it be looking at most of the time? And how can someone as ranty and symbol obsessed as myself channel beyond the superficial clutter to that deeper resonance of truth.

So as I clambered onto the train today, begrudgingly carrying weak tea in one hand and a newly purchased copy of one of Valerie worths master pieces in the other all ready to enjoy the journey home when I remembered back to when I first started scrying – and the advice that made its way to me.

Tradition holds that planetary symbols can be used to test the intentions of the spirit/ entity/ accuracy of a personal revelations.

It's a technique I used to use when I first started scrying (awh, they were the days!) and attempting to interpret charts. Although like all things it isn't perfect with challenges and flaws of its own (which you'll hopefully, like myself, quickly come accustomed too after you start using them) but was once a very mighty tool among my small arsenal of trikes of the trade. For a reason unknown I hadn't used it in some time – but I now plan to change all that :)

An example of this would be the other night, with Samhain in full swing and the arms of the dusk held me as I snuggled up in a camping bag on a deliciously soft sofa, during which the movement and trotting of those unnamed were heard coursing up and down outside the house.

Sleep had me in that lulled sense of space that only a warm fire and perhaps a dream or two of a young jude law can conjour up but I managed to drew with my mind the Sigil of Tested Imagination – that of the Planet Mercury while vibrating it's Hebrew corresponding letter of Beth. The noise continued and according to the voices shared over a very enjoyed brekkie was heard by others in the house – which on the very basic level of a craved realism (the father would be as proud!) is proof enough for me :)

However those of you other there who want a more elegant array planetary gestures for testing spirits and intuitions should give Planetary Magick by Melitta Denning and Osborn Phillips a look into.

These are some of the Sigils and Letters of the planets:

The theory and practice is that if you suspect that one of these factors may be influencing your vision, chart interpretation or scrying session you can project an image of the corresponding Hebrew letter into the scene.

It will cause the scene/thoughts to darken or diminish, or even disappear if the scene is in fact the sort of projection you suspect it to be.

There is of course a wariness of introducing extraneous powers into a vision/thought-form in this way as it could very well cause more problems than it might solve and is in no way a replacement for common sense of a good banishing. (Just had to say that)

Here's hoping you enjoy and find some use:)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Astro Tasseomancy

Below is a brief rant on a reading I did today, be warned I am somewhat tired so this post will be far more disjointed then usual :)

ill ignore a long recourse into the vast majority of actual symbols and polarities that came up but I was pleasantly surprised by the force and clarity of the reading – so much so I'm sharing it with anyone that cares to read :)

In regards to my health over the last while I have being somewhat off form – so with todays Moon in Capricorn, the earthly sign of corporeal manifestation being in a sharp conjunction with Lilith the guise of a silent knowing, I felt it was an especially beneficial time to do a reading in search of insight, recollection and the deeper reflections such a configuration can bring.

I decided to use Tesseomancy, the art of tea leaf reading as my main guide – not that drawing up a chart, or spreading the cards was out of the question; but sometimes a different hands on approach seems appropriate, and if anything precisely what's needed.

Playing upon the associations of my current state of health, the present emotional and horoscopial array, the prevalent astrological health positions of my natal chart, as well as the goal of seeking “practical steps to recovery” I mixed up a blend.

After a bit of pondering, and recording the blends ingredients I eventually named it Mishli Berno, meaning “The way forward”.

Misli Berno
Equal parts of:
Green tea
Dandelion root
Set with a freshly blessed Aventrine crystal.

Brewing the tea I had a real sense of fixation on the goal, pouring my thoughts and ideas, intentions and feelings into the brew as it stirred in the pot. I left it astir for nine or so minutes, which is the traditional time assigned for readings in gaining practical steps forward as well as being the numerical association of the Moon, the main astrological instigator of the reading.

The resulting tea was light, aromatic and quite sweet to the taste (A pleasant and welcomed surprise!)

With limited time and the days waning physical energy I decided not to scry on the surface or study the steam for its own omens, instead I opted to use the Nelros saucer design as the medium of the tea. The set's among my favourite and although it's a bit tricky to track down these days it's certainly worth the effort for those wanting a quick reading (ah go on!).

The resulting spin of the cup:

Crescent moon/ Boomerang – Leo
Letters E. N. - Libra
Face/Smile – Sagittarius
Angel with curled wings – Aquarius
Number seven/ Shoe – Taurus/Gemini
Gathering of tea on the Fire aspect of the Pentagram

Starting with the current sun sign of Leo I interpreted the tea leaves in it's section as the dual manifestation of a boomerang and a crescent moon. This indicates and reminds me that the health issue is a recurring one, but also one in a state of natural flux – the first symbol is one of will, of the psychosomatic principles in play while the second reflects that, although my will indeed had it's part to play in the current affairs; it is also one of divine order. Allowing the opportunity to grown, evolve and come to a deeper (albeit a shallow one) understanding of the power of intention and repression, as well as the beauty of compassion.

Libra the Airy domain of justice and equilibrium carries with it the letters of E.N. - which reflects for myself an offer of healing from a friend, who is heavily and authentically involved with a system that bears those letters prominently. Giving much thought to the idea that although I have much anxiety in regards to that particular field of study it is never the less still worth further consideration.

Sagittarius is aligned with a clear distinctive smile. Seeing as it was the first symbol that originally took form it is highly indicative of the eventual outcome – one of happiness. Which is not only reassuring, it in itself makes me smile :) Hopefully, as I suspect, when applied to linear time (by the solar rise of Saggi.) much of the current strands of chaos will have found renewed order.

Aquarius offered up the image of an angel with curled wings, not only in confirmation of Libra's insight but a protective reminder that in these fresh experiences and times of trial, that I am very much protected and cared for. The water bearer is one of emotional release and seemingly eccentric behaviour – with a calling to resurge away from the apathy of the moment and become more empowered by my own voice of being, rather then the silence of my physical situation.

The Taurus/Gemini divide brings with it the Numerical personality of seven, which when employed intuitively to my situation calls for more in-depth working on my Chakras. On a very basic level seven is the number of remembrance and a new manifested form, born out of the transition of the five and the gestation of the six. What I feel to be a clear indication of success through more advanced work and developing technique of the LBRP, Middle Pillar and so forth.

The secondary form of this sign is the shoe. Both symbols are quite clear to my eyes, perhaps somewhat reflective of being on the cusp of two signs – so that it can easily, without much focus, embody two separate concepts at the one time. The shoe reminds me of an array of ideas I have being pondering over – such as the developing understanding that “grounding” isn't an act in itself, but a process. One that can take quite a lot of time, in grounding and neutralising the generated and stored thought-forms, ideas and energy matrix within the body and Aura. To ground is to initiate or reinforce the process, but the actual grounding is a continual and ever changing process in itself.

I have also, time and energy allowing being on many nature walks, and have returned home with a deeper sense of renewal – such a configuration I feel encourages to continue this practice, and if possible increase – which will also help to offset some of the more physical consequences of therapy and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

The cluster of tea on the Pentagrams elemental aspect of fire is an association calling for more action, attention and spirit in challenging this situation – burning away the gathering apathy to release the form renewed.

To prevent boring you all any further, by decending into the lenghty discriptions of the main symbols, as well as unpenned secondary ones and there associated Zodiac signs being applied to my natal and present chart etc this is what, in shirt I feel are the readings highlights.

The situation is one of dual creation, of both a life lesson and the repressed emotional state of some of my own darker instincts. There is a definite indication to re-examine the offer of healing from another, even if it is something I would otherwise not of chosen – the signs are clear that although I possess a degree of anxiety over the subject I am never the less cared for beyond any overly negative consequences.
The rise of Sagittarius will bring with it much joy, so if I continue to work on my body energetically as well as caring for it through the physical practicalities such as exercise and a continued connection with nature then there is little resistance to the return of health.

Unusually, although there are far more symbols seen and interpreted none indicated ay direct negative influence, but more indicative of voids of force – making the situation all the more willing for change. All in all a very empowering and refreshing reading.

Please excuse the poorly formulated and expressed post – the day has being long, my body weary and my mind just about ready for bed :)

Until next time!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Celtic Astrology

In modern Astrology the Celtic Zodiac is a thing of great debate, from the origins of it's form, the tools of its practitioners and the reasonings of it's regents of power – all have at one time or another found themselves either exposed to great question or simply overlooked.

Although the Celtic lunar based zodiac is thought to have been the one used by the Druids it was not until "Tree Zodiac" was, according to some, rediscovered by Robert Graves in his famous book, The White Goddess [1949]. Others, however, accuse Graves of being at best gravely mistaken and at worst contriving the Zodiac.

As I understand it ,uch of what Robert Graves put forward as the Tree Calendar and Tree Zodiac relies on modern interpretations derived from the book Ogygia, seu rerum hibernicarum chronologia [1685], a chronological account of Irish events, by the seventeenth century bard Roderick O'Flaherty [1629 - 1718].

O'Flaherty had claimed that his information was gained from a Duald MacFirbis [1585-1670], the great Irish scholar, clan bard of the O'Briens. Modern scholars, however, have placed seriously doubts upon these interpretations, and as the Bardic schools were essentially Christian, it is very unlikely that they preserved Druidic knowledge long into the Christian era.

It is also worth noting that according to the 'Camden's Britannia' the word Ogygia comes from Latin. It is quoted in Plutarch as the Roman's name for Ireland.

The most modern derivative of Graves lunar zodiac which is most commonly cited on the net comes from the work of Helena Peterson in her Handbook of Celtic Astrology [1995].
Joseph Monard, a Celtic scholar has described her work in the following terms: "Her lunar zodiac only makes the ancient Druids look like senile lunatics." and the zodiac as "phony." [According to my version of Celtic Astrology: A modern Hoax [2002] Centre Universitaire de Recherche en Astrologie].

It is certainly notable that the astrological system as outlined includes Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which were almost certainly unknown to the Druids and would thus have no place among their interpretations or system of analysis. It also appears ignorant of the ancient Celtic names of several planets and Gods.

Also the zodiac starts on December 24th whereas the Coligny Calendar shows us that the Celtic year started in October/November with the doorway of samhain.

However, the Graves and Patterson models are but two of several competing attempts at a Druidic Zodiac.

Others which I feel are worth a mention are:

Friedrich Hageneder's Tree-signs;
Carol Carnac's Celtic Astrology;
Edgar Bliss's Gaulish Astrology;
Kaledon Naddair's Shamanistic Calendar.

These approaches offer wildly different Tree Zodiacs, some 13-sign lunar, some decanated solar with 36 divisions. Whilst the Hageneder approach is also based on Ogygia, the others possess little in the way of exposition of how precisely each author determined that this was the zodiac used by the Celts and their Druids.

It is best to remember that the idea and thought that there was a comprehensive Celtic astrology is in little doubt. Classical writers, such as Strabo, Caesar, Diodorus Siculus, Cicero and Pliny, comment on the Druidic knowledge and experience of astrology. There was even a school of thought amongst some of the Classical Greek astrologers based in Athens that their astrology had been borrowed from the Celts.

For example, Caesar in the Conquest of Gaul [Conquest of Gaul, VI.18] writes:

"The Gauls claim all to be descended from Father Dis [a god of death, darkness and the underworld], declaring that this is the tradition preserved by the Druids. For this reason they measure periods of time not by days but by nights; and in celebrating birthdays, the first of the month, and new year’s day, they go on the principle that the day begins at night."

Caesar was not exactly known for his pro-Druidic sympathies. However, his comments do preserve some idea of the difference and complexity of real Druidic astrology.

Unfortunately for us, the Druids left us nothing about their side of the story. They left absolutely no written records to the effect of their teachings. Irish and Welsh written literature does not begin until about the 6th century AD so all known knowledge of them arise from culturally external perceptions of by the whispers of the ancestral lines.

By the 6th century when records came about the standard appears to be a variation of Western Astrology, based on a Babylonian/Greek model of interpertation – having entirely replaced the native system.

Aside from the references of the Classical authors, there is some other evidence that remains for the existence of Celtic astrology, especially the Coligny Calendar.

This is probably the best preserved example of a Celtic calendar. It embodies a number of engraved copper-alloy fragments were discovered in 1897 in ancient woodlands fifteen miles north-east of Bourg-en-Bresse, in France.

They were pieces of a single, large bronze tablet, which originally would have measured some 1.5 x 1 metres. The French archaeologist J. Monard has dated the fragments to the 1st century AD.

Several points of interest can be noted from the Coligny Calendar:

The calendar took into account the problem of the lunar month not being an exact fraction of the solar year by inserting an extra month on a regular cycle. This method of intercalation meant that most years contained twelve months, and approximately every third year contained thirteen months. This extra month was called Mid Samonios, and was intercalated between Cutios and Giamonios in the calendar.

The Celtic month started at the full-moon, rather than the new-moon. Each month alternately contained 29 or 30 days, making a Celtic year 354 days in length.

The month was divided into two parts, a 'light' half, and a 'dark' half, each approximately of two week's duration; the division marked by the word Atenoux 'returning night' on the Coligny fragments. This indicates that the new-moon also played a part in the Celtic calendar. This also bears-out the impression we get from the traditional Celtic folk-stories which maintain that the normal period of Celtic timekeeping was the fortnight.

By extrapolation, the calendar also confirms that the Gallic druids maintained a thirty-year cycle of timekeeping, comprising five cycles of 62 lunations and one cycle of 61 lunations, during which period, eleven intercalary months would be added.

The months of the Celtic calendar were as follows:

Celtic names -Modern months-Meaning*

Dumannios-November-December-Darkest depths
Anagantios-January-February-Stay-home time
Ogronios-February-March-Ice time
Cutios-March-April-Windy time
Giamonios-April-May -Shoots-show
Simivisonios-May-June-Bright time
Edrinios-August/September -Arbitration-time
Cantlos-September/October -Song-time

*Translations based on the work of Caitlin Matthews in The Celtic Tradition. (Which if you have not read, is most certainly worth the time!).

Two major Celtic religious festivals, Beltain and Lughnasadh, were marked on the Coligny calendar by small sigils. Each year started with the month of Samonios, during which period the festival of Samhain was celebrated.

Many terms of astrological reference or importance have survived into modern times. The Gaelic language has many words and concepts that stand witness to the thoughts and understandings of the past.

In old Irish itself there were at least six words for an astrologer.

Rollagedagh [one who gains knowledge from the stars].
Fisatóir [one who gains knowledge from the heavens].
Eastrolach [one who gains knowledge from the moon].
Fathach [one steeped in prophecy].
N éladoir [one who divinates from the sky, or clouds].
Réalt-eolach [one versed in astrology].

It must be said though that although the modern take on Celtic Astrology is just that. Modern. It is not without it's own virtues, style and insights. Age is not always a virtue that installs wisdom and truth as such things need to be earned, and while Celtic Astrology is still very much a reborn source of divination, it is well on the way to earned its standing

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Karmic Astrology - whispers in the winds of time

Today a neighbour not four doors away was laid to rest, I did not know him well but the words of his family struck a deep cord with me, and left me thinking much about my own mortality, life and ultimate passage from this realm of being to the next.

I hope that when the tides of life come to wash away my footprints in the sands of time, that I have being as lucky to leave a trail as half as beautiful as the one he had left entwined in the hearts of his family and friends.

The burial itself was later then most, at eight in the evening when the sun has set and the arms of night had curled around the city, with cloudy breath and frost touched toes I walked to the church, the path was lit with amber street lamps that shone like candles in the chill of night, and as I sat on the wooden chair hearing the words of sorrow for a life lost and tales of joy for a life truly lived, I just couldn't help but ponder how the celestial bodies watch over us in life, and when the earth comes to reclaim its lost children they would shine all the brighter for the future stardust that would course through the veins of eternity.

This has led me allot to the idea of this blog: Karmic Astrology.

Karmic astrology is a branch of astrology based on the concept of the cycle of rebirths and the law of cause and effect. And from such ideals comes the belief that the horoscope can help us recognise the effects of past actions in the present life and how our present may in return affect future lives as well as the future of our present lives.

It is probably one of the closest branches of Astrology linked to religion and spiritual teaching and his highly subjective to the experiences of those that follow such a path of self understanding.

There are a few generally valid guidelines for interpretation:

- A particular emphasis on the importance of the fourth, eighth and twelfth houses which are associated with the water element.

- The eighth house is thought to reveal past Karma, the fourth house present Karma and the twelfth future Karma.

- The planet Pluto, ruler of the eighth house together with the sign of Scorpio, are also thought to reveal the nature of past Karma.

- The Imum Coli (cusp of the fourth house) is thought to reveal the nature of the tasks an individual will have to face in the present life.

- There is also a great significance granted to the Moon and Saturn (which is often known as the "lord of karma")

Finally, the Moons Nodes also play an important role.

-The Moon's South Node:
Represents our karmic ancestry and we are probably familiar with the themes indicated by the South Node.

-The North Node:
Shows our karmic aim in the present life, something which is likely to cause feelings of anxiety because we cannot always rely on past experiences to help us progress there.

Merit Karma

This is the reward for all the things you got right in your past lives, all the lessons you learned, all the insights you put into practice. It is money in your Karmic piggy bank, it often manifests as a talent in the present life.

Chart Indicators:Easy aspects or specific planetary placements, especially linked to the Second House.

Recompense Karma

Recompense Karma is a reward or recognition for all things that you got right in the past, or for the sacrifice you made to help others. If for example, you put your ambitions or a relationship on hold to care for someone who needed your help, then that person could well come back as a good friend who helps you out in the present incarnation.

Chart Indicators:Helpful planetary placements and smooth, harmonious aspects and interaspects.

Redemptive Karma

Some people incarnate to help others or to do something for the world. Other people take on tasks that will help to clear collective karma.

Chart Indicators:People with strong redemptive karma often have an emphasis on the planet Neptune or the twelfth house. Clearing collective karma is often shown in a twelfth house placement of the north node.

Retributive Karma

Karma that boomerangs. The classic "eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" doctrine that says, for instance if someone chopped another persons hand in a former life, they are likely to have a paralysed hand in the present life, or lose the use of their hand in some way. In other words, what you have done comes back to you.

Chart Indicators:Extremely challenging aspects and planetary placements, emphasis on the sixth to twelfth axis.

Attitudinal Karma

Attitudinal karma has usually been present during several lives. An intransigent attitude, ingrained behaviour, or an intractable or habitual emotional stance results in some form of dis-ease, often at the physical level, during the present incarnation. So believing there would "never be enough" could manifest as an addiction. Arterial or heart problems could develop from "hard-heartedness" or a broken heart. Having an attachment to an ideal may also create karma.

Chart Indicators:Reflected in fixed planetary aspects and the sixth house.

Organic Karma

Organic karma is rather like attitidinal karma. It reflects injuries or conditions from previous lives .Overindulgence for instance could manifest as obesity or liver problems in the present. If you died by too much blood-letting, you could now suffer from anemia. A past life back injury could underlie a chronic back problem, tuberculosis could result in present life lung disease.

Chart Indicators:The sixth house

Karmic Treadmill

Destructive patterns that have not been outgrown are like the karmic treadmill. The same old things go around and around. Alcoholism is one example, relationships can provide many other examples.

Chart Indicators:Difficult aspects and a preponderance of planets in a fixed sign.

Work Karma

How you were employed in the past can have repercussions in the present, and some people incarnate to continue their previous work (vocational Karma) Someone may have been a healer or a doctor and bring with them into the present life the urge to heal. A former monk or nun would feel that they have a religious vocation in the present life, a musician the urge to continue with music.The karma of work arises from several different life causes.

Previous lack of integrity, for instance would manifest as someone who is cheated in this life, is cheated by someone. Having been a factory owner who's inadequate safety measures were responsible for many deaths could underlie an urge to be a safety or fire officer in the present life.Positive work karma could indicate skills to be drawn on in the present life. Technological karma stems from having had to make ethical decisions, about the use or misuse, of technical -or fighting against the introduction of new technology. It can relate to all periods but may go back in time as far as Atlantis or, more recently, to the Industrial and Technological Revolutions and their effects on people's lives.

Chart Indicators:Sixth and Tenth houses. Technological Uranus, especially in the Sixth and Tenth houses are particularly relevant to vocations.

Symbolic Karma

Not all karma is immediately obvious, symbolic karma can take some unravelling. The present life condition symbolizes what was done in the past. A witch ducker in a previous life might be incarnated as a bed wetter, for example.

Chart Indicators:Aspects to the appropriate planets and placements of planets in signs and houses delineate this karma.

Communication Karma

How and what you choose to communicate can lead to karma. Gossiping over the fence, spreading scandal or untruth of all kinds, slandering or criticising people, difficulty in communicating thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can create situations in this life. Included in communication karma are ideology hypocrisy, and mockery.

Attachment to a belief no matter how worthy, can create ideological karma. Imposing beliefs on other people can also create this karma. The beliefs may be religious, philosophical, or purely secular. But the karma has to be met in the current life.Having said or done things a certain way, while believing something different, gives rise to the karma hypocrisy, so does the "anything for a quiet life" approach. Hypocrisy rises from a lack of spiritual conviction and inner truth, or betrayal of truth.

A life arises when that inner foundation has to be regained.Mocking other peoples afflictions, thoughts and beliefs, or actions gives rise to the karma of mockery, it is based on not valuing that another persons beliefs. One such example is when you debase or make fun of someone else so that you can feel superior. The person who mocks often finds him or herself living out in the present life the circumstances he or she despised so much in a past life.

Chart Indicators:Aspects to Mercury and it's house placement point to the source. The ninth house has to do with ideology. The third house with gossip, and the twelfth with slander.

Sins of Omission and Commission

What you do not do can be as karmically significant as what you do. If you have always behaved in a certain way, or consistently refused to take action or learn a lesson, then the karma comes around and around, again and again until you get the message.

Chart Indicators:Difficult fixed aspects or an emphasis on sextiles. Relationship

Karma Relationship

Karma has many aspects. A couple may be brought together by true love, but this is not always so. Some people will not let go of someone they "love" and have come back with that person until they can do so. The lesson can be painful especially when the other person doesn't recognize the "love."

Retribution can be part of relationship karma, as can be recompense and reparation. It operates in families, groups, and work situations.

Chart Indicators:Fifth seventh and eighth houses and aspects to Venus.

Pacts and Promises

The pacts and promises you made in a past life can strongly affect the present. They may involve another person or be personal. If you promised to always be there for someone, you might have to deal with the resulting relationship karma. If you once made a vow to celibacy it could strongly affect your sexual life in the present incarnation and a vow of poverty could seriously affect your material wealth in the present.

Chart Indicators:This depends on the vow for example celibacy, Saturn in the eighth house, difficult mars or Venus aspects, poverty Saturn in the second or eighth house, or in Taurus or in aspect to Jupiter. Relationship promises involve personal planetary interaspects with Saturn and Neptune.

Karma in Suspension

As not all karma can be dealt with at once, some of it remains in suspension to be dealt with at some other time- which may or may not occur during the present life.

Chart Indicators:Wide connections between planets may indicate karma in suspension, especially if they will "catch up" and come into close orb at some point during your life.

Karma in the Making

What goes on in the present time creates future karma. Remembering that each of your thoughts, deeds, actions and beliefs creates what you will be is away to bring positive karma into your next life.

Chart Indicators:Cardinal squares and one -way interaspects between charts

Karma of aggression

Chart indicators: square's in cardinal signs ( Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn ), with Mars and it's superior octave, Pluto.

This type of karma shows that the person in the past lifes had a bad use of energy like: instinctive behaviour, aggression, violent impulses, domination and manipulation tenderise used in tiranic ways ( bad leaders ), egocentrism, irrational motivations that led to scandal, wrong canalization of energy, cruelty etc.

Mars in the chart show's how the person manifested this type of karma and it's possible to repeat it worsens in the actual life( still showed by the squares and Mars ). Pluto in the chart shows how this karma can be burned and to use the energy in good way, fighting yourself to beat the instincts and the aggressive impulses, learning the lesson of peace, calm, meditation and love.

Usually this karma gives in the actual life negative events like: frequently occurring accidents, injuries and burns ; being victim of violent and cruel persons; fast and violent breaking of relationships; sexual problems, painful health disorders etc..If a person has square's, T-Square's or Mystic Square's in cardinal sign's this type of karma is enabled.

Karma of possessive attachment.

Chart indicators: squares in fixed signs ( Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius ), with Venus and it's superior octave, Neptune. This type of karma shows that the person in the past lifes had been excessive attached to money, persons and possessions.

Most of the time this karma show's that in past life's, the materialism and satisfying owns desire's was something important, the person was to attached to something that led making the loved ones unhappy because of selfishness.Venus in the chart show's how the person manifested this type of karma and it's possible to repeat it worsen in the actual life( still showed by the squares and Venus ).

Neptune in the chart shows how this karma can be burned and to learn the lessons of detachment, acceptation, compassion, spirituality and to love without asking in return.

Usually this karma gives in the actual life negative events like: losing someone you love, poorness, losing objects you are attached, being victim of selfish persons, lots of personal illusions, long health disorders etcIf a person has square's, T-Square's or Mystic Square's in fixed sign's this type of karma is enabled.Karma of ignorance:hart indicators: squares in mutable signs ( Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces ), with Mercury and it's superior octave, Uranus.

This type of karma shows that the person in the past lives had been to ignorant, to rebellious, he/she wanted to be free and have no duties doing all what he likes even if he/she breaks the freedom of others.

They refused duties, they lie often, sometimes breaks laws by ignoring the consequences and usually this karma is manifested in the most forms in cruel teasing ( laughing on Someones mystakes or physical defects ) or bieng to chaotic and influencial.

Mercury in the chart show's how the person manifested this type of karma and it's possible to repeat it worsen in the actual life( still showed by the squares and mercury ). Uranus in the chart shows how this karma can be burned and to learn how to be disciplined, responsible on duties, practical and to learn the lesson of respect.

Usually this karma gives in the actual life negative events like: errors, bad luck, loosing exams on school, high-school and university, bad luck on social life and career, speech and nervous disorder, being victim of cruel teasing, being victim of lies, bad friends etc.If a person has square's, T-Square's or Mystic Square's in mutable sign's this type of karma is enabled.

While this is not of my own personal perception and allignment when it comes to astrology and its study I still never the less find it a most fascinating topic - worthy of study, review and for some implementation.

References: The wildly witty MsSaturn and the wonderfully gifted Borx.